Meet the UniqueBits Team

Our team

Meet the team behind UniqueBits


William "Cyber" Wonka, CEO

Mr Wonka is our key contributor in business synergy as his hair is made of pure entropy which he can channel into unique ids through his elite black hat technology.


Yao "XD" Ming Esq., CLO

Mr Ming advises us on all legal matters as our general counsel. He is known for his lackadaisical attitude towards frivolous legal obstructions.


Dr Jack "OPSEC" Chan, CSO

Dr Chan ensures our security systems are all in place and has legal authority to employ the LART-device when he sees fit.


Nick "Incredulous" Cage Junior, CTO

Mr Cage is responsible for architecting and managing the infrastructure behind our web platform. He has a knack for creating internet-scale cloud solutions using the DEVOPS methodology.

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