Deze website bevat satire om het Internet te vermaken. Door gebruik te maken van deze website of door op 'ga verder' te klikken stemt u in met blootstelling hieraan. GA VERDER NEE BEDANKT
100% Certified unique ids by UniqueBits


Welcome to UniqueBits, your trusted source for the most unique ids on the Internet. UniqueBits offers a range of unique ids to meet your business needs. From our functional line of expertly refurbished and pre-owned ids for your startup, to our executive line of premium ids for the discerning business owner. All our ids are 100% certified and adhere to industry standards such as big-endianness and existential quantification.


Pre-owned unique ids by UniqueBits


UniqueBits offers pre-owned and refurbished unique ids. These are ideal for startups who desire premium value at budget pricing.

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Value-driven unique ids by UniqueBits


UniqueBits's value line of unique ids offers high quality unique ids at competitive pricing.

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Premium unique ids by UniqueBits


UniqueBits's executive line of unique ids have long been the reliable industry standard for excellence. These unique ids can be personalized to empower your business.

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About us

Developer knowledgebase by UniqueBits

Developer knowledgebase

UniqueBits offers a free knowledgebase to developers eager to explore the technical properties of our unique ids.

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Meet the UniqueBits Team


Meet UniqueBits's team of experts that manage the appropriation and distribution of unique ids.

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Contact UniqueBits


Contact UniqueBits to get in touch with us about business opportunities.

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Business development

Industry partnerships

Industry partnerships

We are exploring possible partnerships with external experts in the industry. We are currently in talks with Honest Achmed's used cars and certificates to negotiate partnering in a synergy-leveraging scheme with him and possibly also his cousin Mustafa on the assumption that they will soon be too big to fail.

Business strategy

Because the technical expertise involved in designing, building, verifying and maintaining security systems requires a full-time investment to keep current, there is a major business opportunity for independent third parties to fill the void in actually bringing such systems to market. Being first to market means we can eschew Kerckhoffs's principle and this in turn implies that the design and implementation of such systems need not be independently vetted before being taken into use, saving us literally thousands of dollars in R&D costs every year.