Pre-owned ids

Pre-owned unique ids by Uniquebits

UniqueBits offers a wide range of pre-owned and refurbished unique ids. These ids offer superior value at affordable pricing. Often these unique identifiers are sparsely used.

Our refurbished unique identifiers are checked and double-checked by our highly-trained staff. If any bit-flipping has occured our technicians will xor the relevant bits and perform multiple passes of ECC and the Hadamard Code to ensure you receive a reliable and unique product.

Pre-owned unique identifiers are inspected by our QA team using advanced, enterprise-grade, algorithms such as the Luhn algorithm and the Verhoeff algorithm. Only once we are certain that the identifier meets our high standards for quality and uniqueness can we offer our first-in-class 12 week "Unique or your money back" guarantee.

Our current selection of pre-owned and refurbished unique ids:

  • 766f1a227562764b8de355e0651eb116
  • aee97cb3ad288ef0add6c6b5b5fae48a
  • 15f4a1c6178cbe5b192909a6f640529d
  • MaartenWillemsen2014
  • 38ee904327ddd6fb0be5234708707d29
  • VeryUnique

Should you require more information or if you feel like one of these unique identifiers can meet your business needs, please get in touch with one of our sales associates. Remember, these ids are available today.

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