Premium unique ids

Premium unique ids by Uniquebits

UniqueBits offers premium unique ids for the business requiring that little bit of extra personalisation in these impersonal high-tech times.

Have you ever wanted a unique id that is not only more unique, but also more personal than regular unique ids? Now UniqueBits can offer exactly that. We can take any group of characters, numbers, and special characters and turn them into a unique identifier.

The premium line of unique identifiers comes with some extra perks included in the price. Not only can you select your own unique id, but for your convenience, we store every unique id on our servers. If you ever lose your premium unique id we can send you a new copy of your personal unique identifier, free of charge.

Some unique identifiers that customers have previously chosen:

  • Hunter 2
  • I have 99 problems
  • This value is unique
  • Password

Should you require more information or if you feel like one of these unique identifiers can meet your business needs, please get in touch with one of our sales associates.

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